I Might Have a Hoarding Problem or a TV Addiction:)

How f***in crazy are these two?

But didn't you kind of always know he was going to turn into Cousin Eddie?

How did I start liking her?

And why can I relate to like every one of her songs? Am I 17?

Just when I thought I couldn't love this guy anymore...

He had my nemesis kicked out of his movie.

And this show, has actually gotten pretty hilarious.

Congrats. It takes a lot to make me hate a hippy.

This guy broke my heart a little bit.

And this guy, tugs at my heart more than most. You were robbed.

Go Orthodox Jew! Make my people(and other curvy girls) proud!

And I always root for an awkward chick.

These kids have the life! I can't believe this season is in Prague!

These are two of the most responsible kids I've ever met. I'm literally inspired by them.

You on the other hand. I don't know where to start. You are SUCH a trainwreck.

This show is kind of fun.

And you are kind of hot.

Thankfully you distract me from this guy's fat neck.

I know I'm supposed to laugh, but I'm starting to freak out about what a bad mom you are.

But after that hot sex scene with Zack Morris, I totally forgive you!

You continue to be one of the best shows on TV.

I literally have nightmares about this commercial. It is so disturbing when the side of his head is almost shaved off.

If real dating life was like this, we'd all be in trouble!

(But I'm totally addicted to this show!)

Just so everyone knows, I'm never going to get so excited at work that I high five someone.

Wait, you still have papers from when you were in 3rd grade, right?

Okay fine, I guess I might be a hoarder.

( Don't worry, this isn't really my room:)

I just watched this movie, and wow, Peter Jackson, you should stick to hobbits.

You are no Lost, that's for sure.

But seeing your face makes me miss your genius dad:(

And he would be so proud!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Buehrer!


From the Archives...

**So...for those of you that don't know, I've spent the last few months traveling the world. This is a blog from the vault that I didn't quite get published before I left. Hopefully you will enjoy this oldie but goody:)

I'm not proud, but I'm probably going to end up seeing this when it comes out on DVD.

But it makes me sad, you are no Farley. And you never will be.

And Farley might have done Beverly Hills Ninja, but he never would have done this crap.

On a side note, is it possible to OD on peaches?

I feel so sorry for this guy. He never had it easy, did he?

This guy is either insane or a genius. I'm betting on genius.

I remember how judgmental you were on Celebrity Apprentice. Really? YOU are trying to judge people?

I was forced to watch this on a plane. It was even worse than I thought.

What is wrong with this girl?

I'm so thankful this show is on right now. How did this happen? I thought I hated vampires.

Except for this guy.

Do you REALLY think the show could survive without you?

Wow. I thought they had already cast every type of psycho on the Real World. I didn't know about you.

If you don't know about this guy, you're an idiot.

And honestly, I kind of love this chick. I feel like her song has been playing in my head my whole life.

This show is FASCINATING. And it makes me feel better about my tchotchkes.

I'm not proud. But I've found myself watching shows like this.

Can you imagine how much pepto bismol this guy needs?

It makes me happy that the word foodie has replaced the word fatty.

This movie looks AMAZING.

But my dad wants to sue because he says he started a "schmucks club" in college.
True Story.

If you are on this guy's team, I have news for you socially awkward chubby girl.
Welcome to your first moment as a "fruit fly."

I love this guy's confidence.


You are the hottest couple ever.

Why? Why must this be your commercial?

Best storyline ever: Respected cop by day. Starts taking Ambien at night to sleep. Starts mugging people at the pier while "awake" on Ambien.

You suck.